Booking Checklist

This checklist is a guide to assist you in the preparation of your event.  There are many things to consider when booking BLT.  We recommend that you go through the information below and make sure you have everything covered so that your event is smooth and successful.  If you have any questions please contact us at

The Band's Fee

BLT requires a deposit prior to the event.  This is due when the event is accepted and contracts are signed.  Unless otherwise negotiated, the balance of the performance fee is due the day of the event and payable to BLT Tribute.


Flights (when applicable)

When a performance is scheduled outside of the band's hometown, it may require that flights be provided for the musicians.  This may required the transportation of some or all of their musical gear.  Flight arrangements should be made and tickets delivered well before the day of the event. 

Ground Transportation

On the occasion that BLT is flown in, we will also require an airport pick-up.  You should consider the number of band members and assisting crew as well as luggage and performance gear.

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel accommodations are negotiable with each event.  Some may require individual rooms a, as the band is a mix of males and females.


This is an often overlooked detail.  It takes an unusual amount of electricity to power a large show.  There is all of the band equipment, the P.A. and lights.  Many venues and private rooms are not equipped to handle this, so it is important to check out the existing power situation at your event venue and perhaps plan on bringing in an outside power source if necessary.

Misc. Rider requirements/Stage Plot

The "rider" is the specific requirements of the group. This may included what type of drinks they have in their dressing room, meals, parking, towels or a host of other items.  While some riders are negotiable, we usually recommend that you try to accommodate these small requests.  We also request a diagram of the stage so that we can plan how to set up.